Thor, Norway

Thor was a Norwegian man who attended our Program in the UK.  He arrived with five unresolved bereavement traumas in the previous six years, and was close to death due to advanced cancer. As he talked about his unresolved problems, he cried.  Following are comments that show how much the first three days of the CREATE Program helped him.

On day one, Thor said, “There’s a stronger content (to the CREATE Program) than I thought before.  This has already made me think about my life and see there has been a growing need for change.  With less and less happiness in my life that was a pre-cursor for developing the cancer.  This has been a realisation.  This is big stuff, mind-blowing, incredible.  Why aren’t you a zillionaire?  It’s been a powerful day.”

On day two, Thor commented, “I have cried more in the first two days of CREATE than I had in the previous 52 years…  I feel better as we’re talking about these things…”

“I like that experience (energy field balancing).  It felt energising and calming…  It gave me an injection of peace beyond well being, on a soul level.  I felt down at the start, but at the end things became clearer.” 

“The ‘chop-chop’ technique helped me feel peace into the soul.  It’s been a very productive, very good, but very tough day.” 

“The breathing technique felt good.  I found a pocket of stress in the solar plexus and felt relief as it was released.”

On day three Thor said, “Today is the first time I could read in 6-8 weeks, quite complex (legal) text, and I enjoyed it.  I think that practising the oxygen going to the brain has helped me.” 

“During the practice of breathing/relaxation I felt so good – increasing peace.  I was so energised, I could not sleep and for the first time I felt so good I thought I may live…  I could not sleep last night but the techniques made me feel good.  I don’t feel tired.  ”

“I could focus on the pain in the back and do away with the pain for quite a time… I could feel pain-free.”

During the capacity oxygenation method, Thor felt a black cloud of negativity leaving him each time he breathed out.  After the first week, all his major problems and traumas had been resolved.  Everything was going to plan.  The outcome was looking good.  He said it was the happiest he had felt for 10 years.

Unfortunately, before we could continue with the Program, a doctor admitted him to hospital for checks.  He deeply hated hospitals, did not want to go, and died in hospital soon after admittance.  He was enjoying our Program, and never recovered from the shock of being taken in. 

Despite the death, some of his comments are given above to show the fast effectiveness of our palliative methods, and how he had become positive, peaceful and happy for the first time in 10 years.