Mrs. Atourina K., Turkey

This case was difficult because the lady had decided she wanted to die. 

Atourina K was going deaf.  To her this was the most terrible thing imaginable – she would rather die than wear a hearing aid.  She also had tough problems in her life, was angry about relationships, had breathing difficulties, bereavement issues, and was in severe cramp-type pain from stomach cancer. 

After CREATE taught her a pain-relief method, her pain and cramps disappeared. She also slept really well, felt comfortable, relaxed, and did not need painkillers.  She felt very happy and wanted to teach CREATE’s pain relief method. 

The specialist breathing technique helped – she did not feel breathless any more. 

After CREATE’s emotional therapy she said no anger remained in her, as if her past emotions were healed.  Bereavement emotional issues also seemed helped or released completely. 

She felt the 3-stage relaxation process went really well, and used it while watching TV or on the train, and it helped her feel better.  It brought her so much peace. 

The above cases represent a broad spectrum of the types of outcomes we achieve.  Although outcomes can never be guaranteed, we will do our very best to help.