Frau P., Germany

This was an unusual case because the lady was in hospital, given weeks to live due to cancer, and had recently discovered she was pregnant. 

A request came to travel to Germany to help a lady in a cancer hospital with weeks to live, and who had just found she was pregnant.  Doctors wanted to terminate the baby so it did not die when she did. 

A large tumour the size of a grapefruit, and some bone had been removed from her left shoulder. The open wound caused immense pain – the slightest touch of clothing was agony. She also had 47 tumours in her lungs, and others in her leg and body. Chemotherapy had caused so much nausea and pain, she did not want her final chemo sessions. And during CREATE assessments, she described 14 deeply troubling life traumas. 

After days of intensive CREATE therapies, the open wound in the shoulder had almost closed, and her life’s traumas were resolved.  She was encouraged to have the final chemo session, and had no side effects.  The doctor in charge called it astonishing and asked what had been done. 

When tumours in her lungs disappeared too, the doctor asked if CREATE could be tried in the hospital with other patients.  It is hoped that funds can be raised to provide the CREATE Program for Cancer Patients in many hospitals… 

Frau G survived and gave birth to a beautifully healthy baby.