Alyson E., England

Alyson was an English patient who had an ovarian cyst, and a tumour in her breast the size of a tennis ball.  When we met on a Saturday, she was due to have surgery the following Tuesday.  After CREATE therapy, surgery was not needed.  Years later, the cancer has not returned.  This is her story, written shortly after the CREATE technique.   

“After having had 2 breast lumps removed, I had my first child, a boy in 1998. About a year later, I developed another breast lump, but after having my second child, a daughter, in 1999 it disappeared. 

“In September I felt it again. Everyone around me was improving, but my own problems were getting worse. 

“Then I developed an ovarian cyst that for nine months slowly grew, and became increasingly painful.  I decided it was time to take action and booked in to a hospital to have both the breast lump and the ovarian cyst removed in one big operation.   It would have meant a long recovery time.

“Three days before the operation was due, my friend suggested I attend a course with Allan Sweeney.  On the morning of the course I woke feeling sick and dizzy.  I told my husband I couldn’t go and tried to return to bed. However something told me that no matter how bad I was feeling I had to go. 

“As the class started, I could only lay my head on the table, I felt so sick.   Was this my emotions coming to the surface and clearing?  Or was it the cancer that had become so bad?

“Allan said that he would help me in the first morning break, which he did, leading me into another room.  As he talked to me, the atmosphere became very calm, peaceful.

“He asked me questions about the tumour, and helped me understand a technique.  After some time of Allan’s guidance, the special energy force melted into the lump. We did this a second time, a little easier.   By the third time the special energy force flowed in easily, pulsating through my entire being.  It felt as if the lump had literally shrunk by about two thirds.

“My sickness seemed to disappear. 

“I never wanted to leave this place, even when Allan told me to open my eyes. When I did, the atmosphere was pure beauty, bright colours, lights of purity, peace and love. (Thank you, Allan.)

“The next day I was due to see two surgeons, one for the breast lump and one for the ovarian cyst, to discuss the operations.  The first surgeon couldn’t feel any lump at all, so he sent me for another mammogram and scan.  It confirmed his findings.  There was no sign of the lump.  He cancelled the operation.

“I then went to the second surgeon.  He thought the ovarian cyst had shrunk but sent me for a scan just to make sure.  It had completely disappeared.  The surgeon was amazed. 

“The lady who scanned me was also amazed by my story – she had never known this sort of ovarian cyst to disappear without surgery. 

“I will leave you to your own conclusions on this story but I know, for me, this is just the beginning – it has shown me my soul path, how I can help others with cancer.  I do believe in miracles.

“With love and huge thanks to Allan Sweeney in all respects.

“Love Alyson xxx”