Programs in Hospital

There are ethical considerations relevant to providing a Program in hospital. 

The first is that written permission must be obtained from the doctor or consultant in charge of your case, to agree that a CREATE therapist can provide the Program to you in hospital for two weeks.

Second, the Program is personal to you.  So if you are not in a private room, you may need to find an area in the hospital where we can provide the range of therapies confidentially.

Third, you may have a hospital treatment regime, or visits from a doctor at unexpected moments that might interrupt, for example, a CREATE counseling session.  These issues will need to be discussed with the medical staff to ensure CREATE can work effectively alongside the hospital.

Another consideration is that a CREATE therapist will need to travel to you, and stay somewhere nearby, within half an hour’s walk of the hospital.  Therapists can stay in your home (space and distance from hospital permitting), a small guesthouse, or a hotel.  The decision is yours – we just request clean premises. 

Travel and accommodation costs need to be covered, additional to the Program costs.  It is intended that CREST can eventually, through good fundraising, provide these costs free of charge. 

Until then, donations towards these costs are gratefully received.