Oncologist’s View of CREATE

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Oncologists know persons with cancer have classic symptoms, such as stress, sleeplessness, or fear of death.  Yet they can offer no simple therapy for these problems, so may support CREATE’s attempt to research and help these classic symptoms.  Here is a letter from one such oncologist.


The CREATE Program for Cancer Patients (previously named CREST)

By Dr Milind Kumar (oncologist) Hyderabad, India

Have you ever seen someone with cancer die in agony?  I have.  Too many times…  As an oncologist, I’ve witnessed so much suffering it’s almost broken my heart.  And I have vowed to wage ‘War Against Cancer’… 

I did my MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College (Delhi) and then opted for post graduation in Radiotherapy from Safdarjang hospital, Delhi. I suffered un-endingly.   My suffering included lack of resources for imaging and treatment, patients dying in pain, bureaucratic hurdles, difficulties in procurement of analgesics like morphine, and too-long waiting lists.  Witnessing potentially curative malignancies turn into advanced diseases due to the excessive wait has made me feel helpless, guilty and traumatised. 

So I decided to learn more weapons to arm the fights, battles, and wars against cancer, and then open a cancer hospital for poor in India. 

Two years ago I went to the UK to learn more about cancer.  After working in a Hospice in Sheffield, the cancer department of Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge, and the Edinburgh Cancer Centre, I’m presently working in the oncology department of Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.  Due to better resources, treatment in UK is better.  But the anguish persists.  The pain is still hard to bear.  Especially spiritual and emotional pain… 

By guidance or sheer luck, I met Allan Sweeney.  Allan has evolved a customised, chronologically structured cancer healing Program called CREATE.  It seems very practical and doable, and gives me a lot of inspiration and hope. 

With me being in the unique position of an oncologist my dream is to open a CREATE Cancer Research Centre in India where we can further research this project.

Dr Milind Kumar 

The CREATE research Program aims to provide the evidence doctors such as Dr Milind Kumar seek.

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