On Choosing Extra Help

The Benefits of Getting a Head Massage

1.         What therapy options to choose

Cancer patients can often feel baffled when offered a choice of treatments, either by their doctor or through their own research, and felt confused and concerned when offered options.  (Cancer Research UK) How can they choose?

Well, here is your answer.  The CREATE Program helps you make sense of many treatments by researching and offering excellent options in a comprehensive 2-week plan, to complement a doctor’s treatment. 

A few research studies showing potentially positive outcomes are listed below, with brief commentary on how these and similar therapies may become a useful part of CREATE. 

(This list will be expanded over time.)

2.         Stress-freedom and benefits of relaxation

Stress occurs in diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and may cause poorer response to chemotherapy.

In this study relaxation and visualizing host defences destroying tumour cells, improved the response to primary chemotherapy and helped patients be more relaxed and easy going.  Quality of life was better, with reduced emotional suppression, and very low mood disturbance. 

The study recommended these beneficial interventions should be offered to patients wishing to improve quality of life during primary chemotherapy. 
Reference: Walker LG, Walker MB, Ogston K, Heys SD, Ah-See AK, Miller ID, Hutcheon AW, Sarkar TK, Eremin O. Psychological, clinical and pathological effects of relaxation training and guided imagery during primary chemotherapy. Behavioural Oncology Unit, University of Aberdeen, Medical School, Foresterhill, UK.

(CREATE’s ‘LessStress’ relaxation and anti-cancer visualisation therapies may similarly provide better quality of life, including during chemotherapy.)

3.         Positive health effects of meditation

After meditation patients had significantly lower mood disturbance, depression, anxiety, anger, and confusion. There were also fewer symptoms of stress; less cardiopulmonary and gastrointestinal symptoms; less emotional irritability; – and more vigour.

Reference: Speca, Michael; Carlson, Linda E.; Goodey, Eileen; Angen, Maureen (2000).  A randomized, wait-list controlled clinical trial: The effect of a mindfulness meditation-based stress reduction Program on mood and symptoms of stress in cancer outpatients. Psychosomatic Medicine, 62, 613-622.

(CREATE includes meditation and stress reduction Programs that may similarly benefit health)

4.         Quality of life benefits of meditation

Through exploration and specific types of meditation, patients stimulate an interest in inner exploration that helps them understand and enrich their lives, enhance self-knowledge, be more conscious of good moments still available to them, bring non-judgmental awareness to stressful interactions with others, and greater control over feelings and behaviour. 

Reference: Young, R.P. (1999).  The experiences of cancer patients practicing mindfulness meditation. Saybrook Inst., US,UMI Order number: AEH9925005 Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences & Engineering. 1999 Oct. 60 (4-B): p. 1508.

(CREATE offers meditations that aim to achieve similar quality of life benefits.) 

5.         Increased survival rate with meditation

After three years, survival rate was 100% for transcendental meditation in contrast to lower rates of survival for other groups.

Reference: Alexander, CN, Langer, EJ, Newman, RI, Chandler, HM, and others. (1989).  Transcendental Meditation, mindfulness, and longevity: An experimental study with the elderly. Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, 57, 950-964

(Although 100% survival is at best optimistic, CREATE includes similar meditation techniques) 

6.         Oxygenation to reduce tumour growth

Tumours grow more aggressively in low oxygen conditions.

Reference: El-Deiry, Peiwen Fei, Cancer Cell December 2004

(CREATE teaches ‘capacity breathing’ that may help oxygenation reduce tumour growth)

7.         Healing of bad news and the onset of ill-health

Gary Null, who studied the correlation between receiving bad news and the onset of ill-health, said.

“I’ve looked at literature on psycho-neuro-immunology and have seen an abundant series of articles that show that if you give a person bad news, all the quantitative measurements of immune function – natural killer cells, T-cells, phagocytes etc – go down. In a matter of hours, the entire immune system can become depressed.”

(CREATE supports patients who consider ‘bad news’ has affected them adversely)

8.         Relief of suffering after being given a ‘death sentence’

“The inexorable death sentence – ‘you have ten years at most’ pronounced by doctors on young men and women, has led to some of the most intense human suffering imaginable. It has broken up families, alienated individuals from their communities and led to psychological death and suicide.”  Joan Shenton

(CREATE can support you and your family towards a more harmonious view of life and death)

9.         Oxygen requirements

Dr. Warburg won his first Nobel Prize for proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen respiration in cells. He stated cancer “occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements.”

Reference: The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer, Dr Warburg

(CREATE may increase oxygenation with capacity breathing methods)

10.       Raising energy levels may help conquer cancer

‘Raising the energetic level of the body has helped some people conquer cancer. Healing techniques have been used and refined for several decades.  There are stories of tumors literally disappearing through the use of this technique.’

Reference: The Quantum Touch DVD Workshop and Book

(While this may not be empirical evidence CREATE researches similar energy healing methods)

11.       Releasing emotions and traumas gains happiness

Continued stress from unresolved traumatic events, inhibit your immune system’s ability to fight cancer. Learn how to release unwanted emotions effortlessly. This process is backed by a mountain of scientific research, celebrity endorsements, and users who have achieved amazing breakthrough results in every area of their lives.

Reference: The Sedona Method

(CREATE offers techniques that may gently replace unwanted emotions with happiness)

12.       Reiki healing can be effective in decreasing physical problems and anxiety associated with illness (Bullock, 1997)

13.       Image work may access latent and unexpressed feelings (Edgar, 1999)

14.       Positive spirituality has been shown as a means towards better mental and physical health (Larimore et al 2002)

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