Key Funding Needs

Naturally, for a Program that intends to help numerous persons annually, donations help us help more people. Examples of what the money is needed for are:

£5 buys new pillows for a bed at ‘Heaven-by-the-Sea’

£10 buys research records for one patient

£50 buys one patient a CD player to listen to at home and administer therapies they learned

£100 funds the phone bill for 3 months

£500 buys a new CREATE therapist a laptop for records and research purposes

£1,000 funds a therapist’s travel, guesthouse, food and other expenses to help someone for 2 weeks

£2,500 pays for one cancer patient’s 2-week Program and associated costs

£10,000 funds overheads of a clinic

£25,000 funds a therapist supervisor or training of a new therapist from overseas

£150,000 funds projected first year costs

£200,000 buys premises for a new CREATE clinic

£1m funds a three year research project

  • You may just donate, without stating what the monies should be used for – we will always use funds in the most efficient and effective way
  • Or you may prefer to fund a specific project, for example, one of the above
  • Academic research and new clinics are both vastly expensive. 
    Such major gifts can make a huge difference to many patients’ lives. 
  • A gift of over £10,000 will be honoured by putting your or your loved one’s name to the project and by working closely with you if required to ensure the gift is used according to your wishes.