Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The following are answers to common questions. 

If you have further questions, please email or phone 01843 230377

Q.       What type of patients does CREATE accept?
A.        Program availability and finances permitting, we accept all patients aged 21 to 75 with cancerous tumors or other cancers who seek help on physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual aspects of being. 


Q.        Is a CREATE Program right for me?
A.        CREATE researches resolutions for each persons’ symptoms, so can be adapted for each individual.  


Q.        My energy levels are low – am I likely to have enough energy to do the CREATE Program?
A.        Probably yes, because important research within CREATE is how different methods may alleviate tiredness and chronic fatigue, and improve your overall energy levels. 


Q.        Why does CREATE need to be for two weeks?
A.        CREATE’s 2-week Program is currently structured in 168 steps, to offer the widest range of therapies available.  We believe the best chance of success is if you use many safe options, from many angles. 


Q.        Does CREATE use drugs or herbs or diets?
A.        No.  However, we may suggest a list of traditional and modern therapies, supplements, herbs and diets for you to explore after you return home. 


Q.        Is the CREATE Program taught and delivered in groups?
A.        No.  You are assigned your own therapist(s), whose sole job is to help you for the two weeks.  This way, therapists can focus on your individual needs, without being distracted by needs of others.     


Q.        How does CREATE actually work?
A.        The chronological range of approaches, curative and palliative methods, integrative approach, custom CD to support your return home, etc all combine into what we hope research will show is the most beneficial Program available. (Please see other sections in this website.) 


Q.        What training do CREATE therapists receive?
A.        Not all applicants pass our strict criteria.  The objective is that therapists help CREATE hold a name for excellence in the field of cancer healthcare. 

  • Strict selection criteria and multi-stage assessment processes
  • Home study
  • Intensive training course
  • Observation of a CREATE therapist administering the Program to a patient
  • Students become CREATE therapists, rigorously supervised in Year 1, reduced in Year 2 
  • By year three, therapists can apply to become a supervisor/trainer

Q.        What if there is no benefit for me?
A.        Because we assess help for all your associated symptoms, you are likely to benefit. 

Q.        If I donate towards my Program, is there a money-back guarantee?
A.        Yes…  ‘If you had no measurable benefit during the 2-week Program, you may on request receive a complete refund of any donations paid.’

Q.        Can I be assessed first to see if I’m suitable for a CREATE Program?
A.        Yes – CREATE’s protocols assess if the Program is suitable for you, before you join

Q.        Can my loved one come and stay at your residential centre too, and support me?
A.        Yes.  Beds are available so your loved one can stay too. 

Q.        I am too ill to travel.  Can a CREATE therapist travel to me in another country? 
A.        Yes.  CREATE therapists have travelled to help cancer patients in countries such as UK, Germany, and Mexico.  If you are too ill, we can travel to you. Donation for reasonable expenses is appreciated.

Q.        After a CREATE Program, is that the end? 
A.        No.  After CREATE…
will have a repertoire of your chosen self-help techniques on CD to practice daily for continuing healing support, and a list of options for anti-cancer diets, supplements, herbs, and other therapies
will follow up to assess any progress, and provide help if needed to reinforce the Program and  maximize any benefits

Q.        How do I take part in the CREATE Program?
A.        Click here to make an enquiry

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