CREATE’s 9 Main Features

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Nine features of CREATE’s research Program to fill the current gap

  1. Chronological Program to support patients’ past, present and future
  2. Tailor-made/customized adjustments for individual needs
  3. 2-week Program – Week 1 focuses on negatives. Week 2 focuses on positives
  4. Residential Programs in Margate, UK, or therapists can travel to a person’s home or hospital. 
  5. Support for questions, ‘What if I die?’, and ‘What if I live?’, and related issues
  6. Before CREATE: research measures assess each patient
  7. During CREATE: 168-steps structured for set aims and objectives
  8. After CREATE: a CD is made of therapies a patient considers most helpful.  Patients play the CD at home as needed.
  9. Follow-ups assess outcomes for research and report purposes.

Patients who benefited from CREATE include:

  • Tor states in a voice recording, it was the happiest he’d felt for 10 years. 
  • Alyson said in an article she wrote, ‘It has revealed to me my soul path and I now help others with cancer.’
  • Under our name of CREST, Toni recorded on YouTube, she had more energy, was less fearful, and that for others, the Program ‘will improve the quality of whatever life they have left.’  See


If you might like to take part in this research Program, please ring Allan Sweeney on 01843 230377

Despite the vast numbers of cancer-related deaths and associated suffering, palliative care is often only offered to patients in advanced stages of cancer – when it is more difficult to manage symptoms such as fear, depression, trauma, sadness, and other mental and emotional pain. 

30-40% of patients in early cancer stages have pain.  But more than double that number of patients with advanced cancer have pain.  The progression of suffering and death is a vast unresolved problem. 

CREATE believes pain and suffering should be treated early, to give better chances for a happier death, remission or cure.  So CREATE researches

a) better PRE-palliative care methods,

b) therapies for symptoms such as fear, depression, pain and trauma, and

c) quality and longevity of life.

After the 2-week Program, CREATE researches how patients benefit from methods learned at home.

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