Research, Hope and Realism

As there is not enough research, too much false hope, and not enough realism, CREATE is realistic about possible outcomes, and does not promote hope that the person will be cured.  Nor do we promote hope that we will help someone die in more peace, or that other outcomes WILL occur.  However, we will work alongside medical doctors to try to research and achieve better outcomes (see others’ research studies on this website).

Whatever the need is, CREATE researches up to 7 main outcomes for each symptom – to ensure the Program includes realistic relief that, when compared to other Programs, may be

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Safer
  • Cheaper
  • More effective
  • More permanent
  • Repeatable

CREATE research is intended to provide a realistic Program that is by nature

a) comprehensive,

b) tailor-made for each individual, and

c) realistic – a complete holistic system that unites body, mind and soul to support and enhance traditional medicine and go beyond to even better outcomes. 

If research shows this can be achieved, the CREATE Program may help each person plan their life to seek realistic and achievable hopes and dreams.

In addition, cancer patients who use sources of hope fare better than those who do not. 

Reference: Raleigh ED. Sources of hope in chronic illness, Oncol Nurs Forum. 1992; 19:443-448