CREATE History

A strategic overview of first cancer case study

The following article was peer-reviewed and published in the mid-1990s by the psychiatrist Dr Daniel Benor, chair of the UKs Doctor-Healer Network.  It describes Allan Sweeney’s ‘discovery’ of a new Program for cancer patients that supports orthodox medicine while incorporating multi-disciplinary approaches. It attempts to help all of a person’s presenting symptoms.  It is chronologically structured, yet customised for each individual. 

As the first patient had only days to live, there seemed little point offering therapy once a week.  So the Program was delivered during an intensive 2-week period of therapies – which seemed the only option to give at least a chance.  (The Program can also be taken at any stage after diagnosis.)

The published article follows.

“Numerous methods and techniques potentially relieve the symptoms or causes of illnesses – including cancer.  Many are quick, simple, and painless.  In the mid-1990s in Germany, Allan Sweeney used some of these to formulate a customised healing Program for a cancer patient.

“The Program’s strategies included various methods of counselling, physical and mental relaxation, breathing, gentle confrontation, healing, mental strengthening, NLP, cathartic listening, self-healing, anti-cancer visualisation, consciousness raising, affirmations, goal-settings, emotional release, energy enhancement etc.  Most strategies were offered in a variety of tactical techniques. 

The patient was guided to choose which strategies/techniques were most helpful to her.  A recording of the most helpful therapies was then made for her future use.  Thus the Program was customised to that individual person.  As the outcome seemed successful, the following account may benefit others.

“I met Frau M through coincidence – or synchronicity.  On an Alpine-driving holiday with my fiancée, on the registration card of our first Austrian hotel, I wrote my occupation as ‘healer’.  The hotelier’s daughter said, “Are you really a healer?”  When I replied “Yes”, she asked me to teach her healing.  I did.  That night, her mother explained tearfully that her 41-year-old niece was dying of cancer in a German hospital; and asked if we could give her healing. 

“If someone cries for help, it is our duty as human beings to answer positively.  So we never made Switzerland for a holiday.  Instead we drove nine hours back north, the way we had come, to the German hospital.

“When we met, Frau M was fearful of death, and in immense pain.  Despite medication, no position was comfortable for long.  She could not walk unaided.  She could not eat as the tumour had closed the intestine.  Even a sip of liquid would make her sick: it could not properly pass through.  She was fed by a drip.  Even holding an ear near her mouth, her words were so faint they were almost inaudible.  Doctors had given up saying nothing more could be done.

“Frau M knew nothing about healing.  But after, she said she had felt the heat of the healing energy.  She wanted to die at home, and, as she was being sent home the next day, she asked us to give healing at her house.

“In two days we had to return to England.  Including the hospital healing, only three sessions were possible.  After the second healing session, Frau M walked into a restaurant with us – her first outing for months.  Although she only had vegetable soup, it was a great achievement.  After the third session, almost all the pain had ceased.  She could move comfortably; the doctor stopped her pain-killing medication.

“We returned to England, and soon had a phone-call saying Frau M had been for 10-minute walks.  Because of the success of the three healing sessions, I was asked to continue treatment in Germany for one week.  After that, I was asked to return for a second week the next month.

“Unlike healing my English patients when more time could have been spent, the distance to Germany meant only two weeks was available in total.  Therefore I formulated an intensive customised healing Program so that, after the second week, Frau M could choose techniques to help recovery.  There was much to teach and do.  About three hours were needed each morning, and another three hours each evening.

“As the Program was intensive, the first few mornings were mainly spent in discussing and confronting negative issues – possible death, suicide, relationship problems, life-after-death queries, and other possible obstacles to emotional, mental, spiritual balance.  The objective was, through conversational release, to begin to attack and let go of any blocks to well being.

“The remaining mornings of the first week used various tactical techniques to try to eradicate uncovered emotional, mental, or spiritual blocks; and to raise the consciousness to as high a level as possible. 

“Raising the consciousness to a higher frequency was one of my priorities, because then:

  • Basic life issues should seem less problematic.
  • A greater, wider, awareness could be reached.
  • Less energy may be used, despite the Program’s intensity.
  • It would be easier to reach an appropriate state of mind for practising self-healing.

“The Program’s evening aims were different –

  • To only teach positive subjects to help physical and mental relaxation and strength.
  • To practise positive techniques learned that morning.
  • To give, and teach, appropriate healing methods.

“The object was to help Frau M sleep better with positive thoughts.

“Six strategies were used each morning, and seven each evening.

“Each session used different tactics for each strategy if necessary.

“Two weeks (i.e. 12 days) were needed for the complete Program, with the Sunday being a ‘day off’.

“For one morning healing, her husband joined a dual session.  This was carefully set up, with the initially unknown consent of either party.  Despite a normally open and loving relationship, both had fears they could not tell the other.  The objectives were that:

  • The husband could understand the Program.
  • Both parties could communicate their feelings and fears.
  • The husband could obtain relaxation and therapy.

“This became a powerful and valuable session.

“Major parts of the Program included cathartic listening at the start of each morning and evening session to facilitate a review.  This enabled discussion on which of the previous session’s techniques were potentially for the Program, and which were not, and which needed more practise.  Listening and evaluation continued at the end of each session.

“Near the end of the second week we discussed which healing techniques for body, emotions, mind, and spirit were most relevant to Frau M.  I then put these on a voice recording in a progressive format.

“A Program timetable was agreed.

“The recording was to be played first thing in the morning and last thing at night when her brain waves were at a relaxed alpha rhythm, and she was in a state of being more conducive to easy learning.

“Additionally, at midday, Frau M was to meditate on the ‘cancer-eating’ visualisation I’d help her develop.

“And at other times of day, she could read prominently positioned affirmations we had developed.  These attempted to Program her unconscious mind to accept medical and therapy cures.

“To prevent stress, Frau M was given permission to postpone the timetable for a short time under mitigating circumstances.

“If a healing Program is customised, objectives should be clear – but plans must be fluid.  One item may become a main issue.  With Frau M and her husband there was no God-belief or understanding of possible after-life.  I helped understanding and acceptance, without dogmatism. This helped increase peace of mind.

“Frau M’s husband and her doctor noticed that after each session she had more facial colour, and more vitality.  I asked her not to do anything stressful whatsoever for one year, to allow the therapies a chance to integrate fully. 

“However, after I returned to England, her doctors felt that her progression was strong enough to allow an intestine by-pass operation to permit normal eating.

“The operation was initially a success.  Doctors checking the tumour against X-rays taken six months earlier said there seemed to be no new cancerous growth: the cancer seemed in remission.  If she survived another six months, her chances of living a normal life may be good.

“However Frau M was not yet strong enough for the operation, and soon developed side effects: water in the veins on the lungs, pneumonia, and an acute stomach infection.  White liquid flowed from her bowels.  I was asked to fly to Germany again to try to help.  But before I could get there she died of heart failure.

“Frau M had recovered enough to have the intestine by-pass operation, and she had died with little pain, and in peace.  A short while before her death, she told her family how much the Program had helped.  Her doctor invited me to dinner to ask about our Program; her mother asked me to help when she is dying and also invited me to her Spanish beach house; her aunt invited me to her Alpine hotel; and her husband asked me to fly to Germany to help his grieving process.  Despite the death, the customised healing Program seemed successful.”

Before the operation that led to the death, Frau M’s mother sent me a letter. 

“Thanks, and many more thanks, for all you have done for my daughter.  You have opened many doors in her mind.  For me, all the last weeks had been full of fear.  There is no greater pain in the life of a mother than to lose her own child – and now a miracle has happened.  I nearly cannot believe it.  She goes outdoors for 10 minute walks, and has put on more than 1kg.  She seems so relaxed on the telephone.  I am very happy.”

(Sadly, the operation shortly after that letter caused infections from which she never recovered.  It was especially sad because during the operation it was discovered the cancer was in remission.)     

Since then, the Program has improved, and benefited others in need. If you are interested in CREATE for yourself or someone you know, please contact us.