1.      The meaning of “CREATE”

Cancer Research and Education using Active Therapeutic Evaluation

Cancer –          that’s our field

Research –       we research numerous therapies and alleviating approaches

Education –      we educate on potential improvements in cancer care and therapy

Active –           we actively seek the best approaches for each individual

Therapeutic –   we use and teach as many therapies as possible relevant to the patient  

Evaluation –      we evaluate outcomes of each Program therapy for each person


2.      About CREATE

Medical doctors and hospitals attempt to

a)      cure your cancer and associated conditions, side effects and symptoms (remission)

b)      while accepting cancer cures or remissions are not always possible.

If a cancer cure is not possible your medical doctors then attempt to

a)      help maintain and stabilize your cancer, associated conditions, side effects and symptoms to prolong your life with better quality of life

b)      while accepting this is not always possible.

If nothing cures, maintains or stabilizes, your medical doctors then attempt to

a)      suggest or provide palliative care for best possible quality of life right to the last moments

b)      while accepting suffering cannot always be prevented.


CREATE uses a similar approach.  However, the CREATE Program embraces all above options in one two-week research Program, working alongside your medical doctor to attempt to achieve the best outcomes possible.  CREATE may be especially useful as a tool after doctors suggest the most likely outcome for a patient is death, but may be offered at any stage of cancer after diagnosis. 

The aim is to empower you with a range of therapies that may support you towards an ideal state of health.  (Research studies described elsewhere on this website show evidence that this may be possible.)

Then perhaps there can be an improved chance of a cure, remission, stabilization of your condition, or an ability to move on potentially pain free and in peace.